Lane Baldwin announces Big Dog Project

Project to promote pet adoption efforts tied to new CD

Lane Baldwin Adopt a PetSeptember 20, 2014 Sacramento, CA – Lane Baldwin announced the launch of the Big Dog Project and a new partnership with two local Sacramento animal shelters. The singer/songwriter plans to promote the effort by tying it to marketing of his new CD, The View From Here. “We’re getting a two-fer out of our marketing efforts by also promoting issues that are important to me,” Baldwin said. “It’s a great way to get others involved, both locally and globally.”

A compilation video to promote pet adoption was produced shortly after the release of the new CD. Baldwin also created an adoption page on his web site to link visitors with several national adoption registries to help connect people to pets in need of forever homes.

Locally, Baldwin will work closely with the Front St. Animal Shelter (Sacramento, CA) and Sacramento County Animal Care, volunteering time to care for the animals, and producing videos to help promote adoptions. There is also a benefit concert in the planning stages, and the singer has already volunteered to perform.

Lane Baldwin Bobby Mann

Publicity manager Bobby Mann and Lane Baldwin

The Big Dog Project is the first of many ways Baldwin intends to use his new CD to promote issues that are important to him. “I’m fortunate that being a performer gives me a platform I can use to promote the causes I believe in” he said. “The new CD can be used to support a lot of things, and I intend to take full advantage of the opportunity.”

Each video in the series will feature one or two dogs that are in need of Forever Homes. The series will focus on the hardest-to-place animals, helping the shelters to place animals that other shelters would simply put down. “Why are we blaming the dogs for irresponsible owners?” Baldwin asked. “They’re good, loving – and lovable! – pets, and they deserve a family that will love them back.”

Other issues near to the Blues man’s heart are caring for the homeless, the elderly, hungry children, and veterans. “My faith teaches me to serve ‘the least of us’, ” Baldwin said. “It’s all about finding fulfillment in our service to others. And I can tell you, I am very fulfilled!”

For more information, and resources to help you adopt a shelter pet, please visit Lane’s Adoption page.

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