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Save a Life
Adopt a Dog

I need me a big dog
to sleep on the porch with me
We would sleep through the day
as happy as can be
~~from Big Dog – ©Lane Baldwin, all rights reserved

Can you help me find
homes for some Big Dogs?

Lane Baldwin Adopt a Dog

Love me and I’ll LOVE you back!

Every year, more than 4 MILLION cats and dogs are euthanized at shelters, simply because there is no place for them to go. So many innocents abused, mistreated, thrown away like a sack of trash.

I’ve seen a ton success story articles and videos, and I bet you’ve seen at least a few. If you have, you know how  even the most abused dog can quickly become a loving member of the family. I know from my own experience, having been rescued myself by several Pound Puppies over the years. Each one was a wonderful companion, with a wonderfully unique personality. And while you may not solve the entire problem by adopting one dog, you sure can make a difference for one. Or two. 😉 Remember that every adoption adds to the total number of lives saved, so every adoption matters.

Get Involved

I’m doing what I can to help save more lives – namely, working with animal shelters to promote adoption. And you can help, too! Here’s how:

If you’ve decided it’s time for another loving and lovable pet in your life, please adopt instead of buying.

Talk to your friends about adopting.

Volunteer at your local shelter.

Consider becoming a foster “parent” for dogs or cats who are waiting for a family.

Where to Adopt

Here are some great organizations that will help you find a dog in your area that needs a loving home:

Lane Baldwin AdoptAPetAdopt a Pet Lane Baldwin HopeForPawsHope for Paws
Lane Baldwin LostDogFoundationLost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation Lane Baldwin PetfinderPetfinder
Lane Baldwin Big Dogs

One of Lane’s best friends – Snow Owl, with his Golden Retriever Chiki

Show Me Your Big Dog!

As part of our effort to promote adoption, we feature photos of friends and their dogs. Many of these dogs are rescues, and they come in all sizes.

If you’d like to be featured, send us an email, including a photo of you and your friend, and a little info on him or her. Please include your name, and your friend’s name. Send an email now.

ALL DOGS QUALIFY! They’re all Big Dogs to Lane!

A Message from Lane

Thank you so much for your interest in adopting a pet. It just makes my heart swell to know you’re with me on this. Please get involved in any way that works for you. And don’t forget to tell your friends!

God bless you and your dogs!


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