The View From Here

The CD that almost wasn’t

Lane Baldwin The View From HereThe plan was simple, but risky: Move across the country to California to record a new CD with close friend and mentor Polo Jones, and rule the world. Or, at least, tour it. Finally, after two years of hard work, through loss and heartache, Lane Baldwin was prepared to release The View From Here, a stunning collection of songs and his most ambitious to date. Instead, he died. Three times. That’s when things got really interesting.

In January, 2014, Lane found himself in a surgical intensive care unit, wondering what had gone wrong. Ten days later, he fought for his life as the surgical team raced to save his life. Three times, the alarms rang out, signaling the worst. And three times, Lane refused to leave, and crawled back from the darkness. “I’m not done yet,” he says simply. “I wasn’t ready to go. And, for some reason, I got to stick around to finish my work.”

Now, a year later, Lane is poised to rise like a phoenix from the ashes of tragedy and heartache. And The View From Here is destined to be remembered as one of the highest points of Lane’s career, no matter where he goes from here. From the haunting opening track, which blends a spooky, old-school vibe to new-school overtones, to the last – a dual tribute to Willie Dixon and Jack Bruce – the view is astounding, for its stories, its textures and its incredible breadth of styles.

Thunder Row, one of the first to review The View From Here, named it 2014 Album of the Year, calling it “deep and meaningful,” with a “level of soul that [is] second to none.” David Martin of StereoNET says there’s “not a bad song in the bunch.”

The View From Here is available for digital download at CD Baby, iTunes and most outlets. Grab your copy today!

Track List

Lay Me Down

Halfway Back

I Miss You

Freedom Train


Happy Boy

Sing Along Song

Blow Twister Blow

Big Dog

Boogie Man

Runnin’ for Daylight


All songs written by Lane Baldwin, ©2014, published by Castle View Publishing, except Boogie Man, written by Leon Russel and Charles Wilson, and Spoonful, written by Willie Dixon.

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Produced by Polo Jones for Raven Records

Recorded and Mixed by Polo Jones, assisted by Sean, at Sound Path Studios, San Jose, CA, and in the Raven Mobile Unit at undisclosed locations.

Includes performances by:

Lane Baldwin, vocals, 5 and 6 string Spector basses, acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards and 1 string hockey stick bass


Bryant Mills, drums (John Lee Hooker)
Abe Laboriel, Jr., drums (Paul McCartney)
Nate Ginsberg, keyboards (Larry Graham)
Danny B., keyboards (Sistah Monica Parker)
Terry Hiatt, acoustic and electric guitar (Lara Price)
David Adams, acoustic and electric guitar, backing vocals
Ellis D. Wenker, guitar
Mambo Tropical Horns, Rik Feliciano, leader and arranger
Tammi Brown, backing vocals
Polo Jones, guitar, percussion, electric upright bass, and programming

and The Abbott Brothers:
Luke Abbott, acoustic guitar
Kyle Abbot, mandolin
Mike Henderson, double bass

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