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It’s My Rebirthday!

One year ago today, I died. Three times. It was the day the doctors realized my colon infection had descended into gangrene. The only way to save me was to remove a good part of my colon. If it… Continue reading

Scrooged for Christmas

So, Lane, what did you do for Christmas?

Well, I almost got arrested. For feeding people. Sad but true that this is what our society has come to.

Watch the video to learn what happened, why I’m going to continue… Continue reading

Child Hunger in the US

More than 20% of children in the US live in poverty. More than one in four children go to bed hungry. At one of the most important times of their lives, when they are growing, our children are suffering because… Continue reading

I Remember

I remember that day as if it were yesterday. I was working from home when I got a call from my wife (now, ex-wife). She was frantic, yelling at me to turn on the television. In less than a… Continue reading

What is Servant-Leadership

Just before the turn of the millennium, I was introduced to Men’s Wearhouse by my father. An off-hand comment from him was the beginning of a journey that has led me to my work with Larry Spears, the world’s foremost… Continue reading

The Least Of Us

‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of you, you did for me.’ ~ Matthew 25:40

Friends, I am troubled. I am troubled by many things. There is too much hatred in the world… Continue reading

Be a Gentle Man

I’m Old School and I have no problem admitting it. In fact, I’m proud of it! I love the modern world, and am immersed neck-deep in it – at least in terms of social networks, infotainment and learning new things.… Continue reading

Stand and Be True

I’ve always done my best to learn from every situation. It’s another lesson I learned from my father. He told me time and again that I could learn from anyone, no matter who they were, how smart, how wealthy, how… Continue reading

After the Fire

Hi, all y’all! Many of you may be wondering what happened to cause me to disappear for so long. I really don’t want to write a book about it – here, anyway… I’m writing an actual book about it, but… Continue reading

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