Update 07-28: Hangin’ at the Torch Club

Wingnut Adams at Lane BaldwinHey, all y’all! I’m finally restarting my video update series. I know it’s been a while, but I’ve been extremely busy. Now that things have slowed down to a normal avalanche, I want to get back to these as often as possible.

Last Sunday (the 28th of July), I attended a celebration for The Torch Club in Sacramento, CA. The Torch has been a strong supporter of live music for many, many years. My good friend Wingnut Adams decided it was time to say Thank You, so he put together a day of Blues, featuring some of the top names in the area.

What an honor to be included! I’m the new kid in town, so I hadn’t expected to get a performance slot. But it turns out that Wingnut is a Really Nice Guy – in addition to being a monster drummer, singer and songwriter. Check out the video to see how it went.

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Keep an eye out for future updates, both blog and video. And until next time,

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One Response to Update 07-28: Hangin’ at the Torch Club

  • Hi Lane –

    This is so great that you put out this blog about the Torch Club and the jam on 7/28 – thank you for doing so. It was a great day. I’m glad me/my band had a chance to perform and participate, and meet some really great people and musicians, such as yourself. And many thanks to Wingnut Adams for his hard work in putting it together, all the other bands and musicians who donated their time, the Sacramento Blues Society’s participation there, and also Marina and the staff at THE TORCH CLUB – we are blessed to have such a great venue in our town and region.

    Lovin’ the Blues –
    Melonnee Desireé & Cauzin’ A Ruckus

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