Once in a Blues Moon

Lane Baldwin Blues MoonLane Baldwin to perform at secret moon base

American singer Lane Baldwin announced today that he will be the first entertainer to perform at the secret US moon base. The base, which was completed last year, houses several hundred scientists, technicians and support personnel. Because residents will spend several years each at the base, special care was taken to provide entertainment for them, including a dance club, complete with full stage, sound and lighting. Baldwin and his band will be the first to perform in the club.

“We had to wait until they had sent all necessary cargo up to the base before we could book passage on the shuttles,” Baldwin said. “Now that they’re ready, we’re on our way to the moon!”

The trip is being called the Once in a Blues Moon tour, a nod to Baldwin’s blues roots. For more information, visit OfCourseItsReal.com.

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