Meet Etta, My New Spector Coda 5

Etta - Spector Coda 5It’s been so darn busy around here lately that I haven’t had time to tell you about the newest member of my music gear family. Regular readers may already know that, last year, I purchased a Spector Coda 4, specifically for my work with Ryan Pelton. Eddy, as I call him, has been a dream to work with – so much so, that I ordered another Coda. After several months of waiting, she’s finally here.

Etta is big sister to Eddy. She’s a Coda 5 in the same cosmetic treatment… almost. Below is a video review I shot yesterday. Hopefully, it will answer all of your questions.

So, instead of me typing out a few hundred (thousand!) words, take a look at the video…


I’ve been a proud Spector endorser for over 16  years, and am very pleased to be among the first players to adopt the Coda as their main bass. To Stuart and his outstanding build crew, to PJ Rubal (my favorite Artist Relations person), and to Patrick Stern (who handles web work for Spector Bass and Spector Central), thank you all for your incredible work, your support, and your friendship. I truly appreciate your efforts!

God bless,


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One Response to Meet Etta, My New Spector Coda 5

  • Mike says:

    Super, I know you will enjoy “Etta” immensely, just like Eddy. And like you said, it will add another dimension in your playing wih the B string. Great news and review. Keep’m coming.

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