Lane Baldwin Returns to DNA

Lane Baldwin with DNA rigWe are very excited to announce Lane Baldwin’s return to David Nordschow Amplification (DNA) as an endorsing artist. Lane’s history with David and his products goes back more than two decades to when he was just beginning to gain national recognition. He has always been an ardent supporter of David’s designs and is extremely pleased to renew his official endorsement of DNA amplifiers and speaker cabinets.

“David is one of the most important people in the world of bass amplification and I have loved his designs since I first discovered them,” Lane said. “I’m thrilled to back and I look forward to helping the company promote its products.”

The renewal of Lane’s endorsement comes at a very opportune time, as Lane is currently preparing for a national tour in support of his new CD, The View From Here. His current rig includes the new DNA-1350 amplifier and a pair of DNS-112 cabinets. For the tour, Lane will add several more amplifiers and cabinets to create “a wall of bass like you’ve never seen or heard.”

Read the official company announcement here

Check out Lane’s artist page on the DNA site

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Preview of Lane’s new CD

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