Deeper Blues Releases First CD

Deeper Blues Releases First CD

Veteran bassist introduces new band to the world

Danville, IL, January 10, 2008 – Deeper Blues, Danville’s own internationally-acclaimed Blues band, released Dig the Hole, the band’s first CD. Produced by founder/leader Lane Baldwin, Rick Plester of FTM Records, with executive producer Polo Jones of Raven Records, the CD features thirteen tracks of pain, joy, loss, renewal and redemption that the band guarantees will make listeners “bluer than you’ve ever been”.

“Deeper stories, deeper emotion. That’s Deeper Blues in a nut shell,” said Baldwin, bassist, vocalist and songwriter for the band. “Our goal is to return to the reason for the Blues, to give ourselves and our listeners the chance to release the pain, to be renewed.”

Baldwin (or Lane on Bass, as he is known to musicians) enlisted Danville natives Aaron Bouslog and Gary Jones for the project. Lane met Jones through a mutual friend, almost by accident, and hired the guitarist for a weekly local gig. Bouslog, was only eighteen when he joined a few weeks later.

“It’s funny,” Baldwin said. “I’ve toured the world for twenty-five years, then meet two of the best musicians I’ve ever known in the middle of the country. I already had a stack of songs, so I met them at the the perfect time.”

For Jones, it was an unexpected opportunity. “From the first rehearsal,” said Jones said, “I knew this was the kind of project you wait your whole life for. It’s a dream come true.”

Twelve of the thirteen songs were written by Baldwin. The last one is a cover of a Bob Dylan tune. The project includes material from the past decade and a half, covering a lot of different phases of Lane’s life.

“The material covers a lot of ground,”  said Baldwin, “both in terms of different styles of Blues, and different times in my life. But there’s a thread throughout the listening experience that ties it all together into a nice, tight bundle.”

Traditional shuffles and slow Blues are interspersed with songs that push the boundaries of what some might consider Blues. “We do push the envelope sometimes,” Lane said, “but it’s always Blues. And that’s the thing: Blues isn’t just about a specific sound or style, it’s about the pain, and what you do with it, about finding a way through so you can face another day. That’s Blues the way it was meant to be felt.”

Baldwin and Jones were joined on the recording by drummer Aaron Bouslog. “Aaron was with us for a little over a year, before heading to University of Southern Illinois in Carbondale, to continue his music studies,” said Baldwin. “He’s a very gifted musician and I really appreciate his contribution to the CD. He brought a youthful energy that added a lot to what we do.”

Bouslog is grateful for his time with the Blues veteran, and is very proud of the CD. “Lane taught me a lifetime of Blues in the year I worked with him,” said Bouslog. “I can’t think of a better way to start my professional career than recording this project.”

The band is currently preparing its live show for 2008, with Jones’ son James playing drums. Meanwhile, Baldwin is writing more material. The band is also in production for an upcoming benefit concert in support of the Danville Area Food Bank.

Now that the CD is available, Baldwin will concentrate on touring opportunities. “We’re having serious discussions with promoters around the US,” he said, “and a few in Europe, where Blues is huge. We also have a few dozen radio stations committed to playing the CD, and that’s going to help generate a lot of interest.”

Dig the Hole is available locally at: Charlotte’s Cafe, 412 S. Gilbert St.; Among Friends (behind Charlotte’s), MB Music & Sound, 35 N. Vermilion St., and Ayerco Gas Station, 1333 E. Main St. The CD is also available through the band’s web site, and For further information, visit

4 Responses to Deeper Blues Releases First CD

  • Randy Davis says:

    The deeper blues disc is amazing! Lane really shows what blues bass is all about on this disc!

  • Jimmie says:

    You should check out this artist! If you dig blues, you will like this guy.

  • tom rogers says:

    The sign up for updates is seriously messed up, at least when using the Chrome browser.

  • tom rogers says:

    Oops. Forgot to mention that I love Dig The Hole album, particularly how well it’s recorded. ( Yeah, I’m a recording quality snob, and demand that the subwoofer freq. receive maximum attention. heh) Daddy’s Pier is a lush and gorgeous tune, and I use it to tune my system due to excellent details in the cymbals/guitar, and equally deep and detailed bass. Plus the lyrics are well-written. Just an excellent album all-around.

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