A Thanksgiving Message from Lane Baldwin

A Thanksgiving Message from Lane BaldwinHi, all y’all! I don’t want to waste a lot of words, because everything I wanted to say is in the video. I do want to apologize for it being late, however. I did a pair of performances Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving, and came down with a bad cold/flu bug that put me under the weather – and under the blankets – for several days. In fact, I’m still getting over it. But I’m doing well enough to post this video!

Here’s to you and yours! And may you have a wonderful holiday season – no matter what holiday you celebrate!

God Bless,


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2 Responses to A Thanksgiving Message from Lane Baldwin

  • Rae Runge (Tobiasman) says:

    I continue to enjoy your postings/musings and am waiting anxiously for the release of the new CD. Just listened through Dig the Hole again the other day and once again marvelled at the raw blues “soul” that just oozes from your stuff. Excited about the new one.

    Good luck at the national competition.


    • Lane says:

      Thanks so much, Rae! I really appreciate the kind words. You won’t have to wait too much longer for the new CD if all goes well. Pray for me, bro! And thanks again… ~ Lane

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